Our History

"At Western Glove Works we are passionate about developing denim products. Other companies sell jeans, make jeans or market them but we think creating jeans is a craft." - Michael Silver, President Silver Jeans Co. ™

Western Glove Works is a family-owned business that has produced quality denim products since 1921. The Silver family arrived in Canada in the 1870’s, but moved to Manitoba in the early 1900s.

Western Glove Works - Early Days of Work Wear ProductionThey bought a ‘dry goods’ company but added manufacturing to the wholesale business and changed the name to Western Glove Works (WGW). The company had several divisions including dungarees, mackinaw jackets, and yes, once upon a time, they sold gloves.

The gloves business was phased out in the 1940’s and WGW has focused solely on the design and production of high end fashion apparel ever since.
WGW made a name for itself by crafting private label apparel for such high-profile names as Gap International, Thrifty’s and Nordstrom’s.

WGW is now the proud parent company of our two exclusive denim brands, Silver Jeans Co. ™ and Jag Jeans, who have become known as must-haves for those that demand a perfect fit from their jeans.

about-1 Today, the brands have grown to a worldwide denim giant sold in over 30 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
This is quite a leap from WGW’s modest beginnings in the 1920’s and 30’s, when Gauntlet Gloves, Treatmruf Rider’s Pants and Handy Andy Overalls were all the rage.

With over one hundred years of experience manufacturing wearable products, WGW is one of the largest Canadian apparel producers and a leader in the denim industry, serving markets worldwide.